Hey Fifi Foxx (https://twitter.com/Fifi_Foxx You should apologize so we can all move on with our lives. You're violently stalking, abusing , and slandering Aiden Valentine, his girlfriend, and his studios.

This is textbook narcissistic abuse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-s1qXLak3I
Malignant Narcissism

You immediately took to Twitter to slander his name, all because he escaped from your abuse. After you & your boyfriend tried to get his girlfriend to breakup with him. (click here to scroll to the screenshots). You got your boyfriend to threaten Aiden, harass & abuse him, and even destroy Aiden's property and caused $400 of damage to the front door. You're a terrorist! You are playing the victim -- which is real psychotic considering you then continued ABUSING HIM ONLINE FOR 2 YEARS! (Scroll to the Tweets) You pretend to be abused and stalked because by doing so you can CONTINUE to abuse him, or so you thought. You are literally a psychopath, and a fucking criminal in so many ways. Let's see -- Domestic Violence, Battery, Assault, Cyberstalking, Cyber Harassment, Slander, Libel, Defamation of Character, Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Conspiracy, Embezzlement, and even Corporate Espionage. You have zero empathy for Aiden and it shows. You actually go around threatening and emotionally abusing other models, not even just him! Aiden, Kitty Catherine, Kitana, Nicky Rebel, Nyxon, Terra -- but also you can say that ANYONE you've told these horrible lies to have been abused by you too. Yeah -- you're a psychopath. You want to torture him online and completely destroy his life and whatever you can get your grimy hands on. There are so many words for this, first of all it's financial abuse to attack his business. You stalk him and all his friends and emotionally and mentally abuse them with lies, to play with their emotions and manipulate them. You think because you can post on Twitter that you can rewrite history? You're so obviously abusing him on the internet for the whole world to see. You lie about him on a near-daily basis. You will not leave him alone!!! You have stalked, harassed, and lied about him almost every day on Twitter for years. You will not move on, because you are abusing and stalking him still. No wonder he's had a problem with you. You've been emotionally abusing him for years! He called the police multiple times and they told him this is a CIVIL crime, and they are powerless. This is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, it is AGGREVATED STALKING. HE TRIED TO GET A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST YOU! You were traumatizing him on purpose -- abusing him and holding him hostage. Abusing every single bit of power, leverage, and control over him you have FOR YEARS! You abuse the fact that you just KNEW HIM -- people are safer just not knowing you at all Fifi! To this day STILL he is abused because of you! Fix it! You bullied him into silence with more slander, threats, and violence too. Just look at how you treat him online... you're still making up a bunch of rumors and confusing him with your gaslighting. You lack any empathy for Aiden and it shows. You specifically blamed him for what's wrong in your life. https://youtu.be/HzAKrNld__g

"Hey Aiden, this one's for you. Having you & your girlfriend post my real name
along w/ my stage name every day for months. That type of unprofessional behavior should be BLACKLISTED."
"I was doxxed daily for several months, threatened, abused, stalked"
"Sometimes people will be mad at you because you are not a lying ass motherfucker like they are." #nomoreabuse
"Retweeting so others can join in. As you guys know already, yes, I had dealt with physical & mental abuse on a daily basis from Aiden."

This is a smear campaign and it is wrong. Not only that, but this plan was pure evil. You wanted him to die from heartbreak and devestation. It's also financial abuse because you are attacking his business. You have no empathy for Aiden at all -- you are are a literal psychopath. You weren't going to stop, not even after he cracked under the pressure. You FORCED him to fight you online so you could play the victim some more. You convinced everyone you were a victim, but are the opposite, you are the abuser. You are the most violent person in the entire porn industry. You stalked and mentally abused Aiden online for years. You are OBSESSED with him, and causing him pain. You're a sadist. You destroyed everything you could find, anything you could, his pride, his trust, his faith, his hope, his dreams, his credibility, his image, his company's image, turned everyone against him you could, his friends and even his GF. You violently stalk & harass & abuse him using Twitter, which is completely unfathomable because you were abusing him in person and he ESCAPED FROM YOU -- now forcing him to reply to your slander, pushing his buttons, making him relive more & mnore trauma every single day so he can never move on, destorying his mental heath and relationships. YOU ARE A SOCIOPATH -- and I don't mean that lightly, you tortured him. You'd claim he was stalking you while you are the one stalking him. You hate him. We was nice to you. That's what he gets for being your partner? And giving you FIVE years of his life! He wanted you to find a new partner and boyfriend so this transition would be as painless as possible for you. You made it complete hell, and it was totally inappropriate and unnecessary too. You went off like a nuclear bomb in his life. Then took him as your prisoner, and you tortured him for years. Your problem is that you're a narcissist -- only a true sociopath would lie about domestic violence and start these rumors on the internet. People know about you now though. You shoved all this drama onto the public and within your industry with reckless abandon, for clout, power, and revenge. You publicly shame him online to manipulate him. You took all the fame for yourself when you first lied about domestic abuse -- you are that selfish and diluted. You had no right to do that. This is one of the most evil things that has ever happened in all the porn industry that people know of. Think of all the friendships damaged through your divide & conquer tactics and relentless abuse. You hurt him, you hurt others, you stalk other people too. And to taunt him and sabotage his business for years is nothing less than financial and emotional abuse too. You wanted him dead and you saw it through to the bitter, bitter end -- until your psychotic plan fell apart. He was abused every day in some form or another. In ways only a evil mastermind and complete sadist could do -- you are completely soulless. You *felt nothing* but hate, and contempt, and jealousy, and anger to your business ex-partner, while he had completely moved on from you years ago. What did he ever do to you to deserve that? Are you really gonna abuse Aiden for the rest of your life? To befriend people and earn their trust, and mentally/emotionally abusing them with lies none the less. Recklessly slandering Aiden + his GF to play into your sob story? You're gaslighting people. You're gonna make up all this "juicy" gossip to earn someone's friendship and trust to get revenge on your ex-partner until someone puts their foot down. You have that power because you were his friend and he trusted you. You're stripping him of his right to privacy for one thing, and stomped all over his personal liberties like a nazi. You took away his freedom, his pursuit of happiness, you kept him as your prisoner -- improsonment is a crime against humanity too. And disinformation is also a weapon -- gaslighting is not okay. He did not abuse you, this is abuse.

The people you've gaslit are gonna stumble onto this article -- it's hosted right under your own domain name. Why is that?

YOU are the abusive one! Most people don't even empathize with him because you robbed him of that too just by accusing him of such horrible things. That's how deep your jealous and narcissistic traits go. Since you're not self aware, the "button" that you keep pushing with him is this delusional narrative and lies about how your professional relationship with him ended. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFZ33IdGFPQ

None of this had to happen. This is 100% pure slander and violent stalking -- you abused him right in front of everybody for years! It's bullshit you think any of this personal information belongs online -- it's an attack. This never had to happen to begin with. He clearly didn't want to live with some psychopathic ex-GF that stalks him and his new girlfriend. Do you know they say you stalked his GF *WHILE YOU WERE LIVING WITH HIM*, then told her he was cheating. Still, while you were 👏 living 👏 with 👏 him. You AND your boyfriend started messaging her on all forms of social media, and via email! Where does that level of entitlement come from? You don't even know her! You broke the trust in your relationship with Aiden through slander and sabotage. Why would you THEN go on a narcissistic rampage to attack his person online? He stood up to you when he kicked you out of the house. Is it a mystery *why* he kicked you out and shit escalated this far? Your jealousy and narcissism got you kicked out for his own safety and mental health. You are clueless about other people's boundaries. What gives you the right to force yourself onto people and interfere in their daily lives? And then to brainwash them. Nothing -- that's what. You're a bully, and you've been bullying him for too long.

That is so low. Getting kicked out isn't the end of the world, or the end of your career at all. It just means someone doesn't want to (or can't) live with you. That happened in private and with discretion -- he wasn't going to embarrass you by gossiping about it. All you had to do is post your own content to your own store to get started running your studio. He was terrified of you; he had to get away; you were abusing him and pretending to be his friend -- using him. And clearly his life was IN DANGER -- and then you've been *biolently stalking* him ever since. Terrorizing him. Torturturing him, you completely destroyed his mental health and broke him as a person too, just like you wanted to. Crushed all of his dreams. Destroyed as much property of his as you can. Broke his spirit. Destroyed all his friendships, credability, and fame. Made it *impossible* for him to work, you created a war against him. He's not gonna just run and hide from you, psycho, you're the fucked up one -- what the fuck is wrong with you? You gave him cPTSD with years of living in fear, and anger, and hopelessness, and terror every day. For 18 MONTHS STRAIGHT on Twitter -- in front of everyone, it was public humiliation and ridicule. The world got to witness the level of evil you truly are. The burden of proof is on YOU -- people are *innocent until proven guilty* miss. You are the one that must support your claim, Aiden has *plenty* of edivence now for his case that you are abusive to him. He didn't even know you were *that* abusive until he was forced to kick you out of his life for good. You were destroying his life, he had to get away from you -- then you tortured online and punished him, for no reason other than you wanted him to suffer, fail, and die of misery. You are the MOST VIOLENT person in all of the fetish porn industry. Every day he was scared for his life, that you might spread more dangerous rumors & slander about him online. If that's what you say about him online, what were you saying behind his back all those years you were together? And you bullied him into to silence with doxxing, verbal & emotional abuse. Threatened him and his life using fake accounts -- more flying monkeys. And you were relentless! You didn't stop, he cried out for help and nobody could stop you either -- not even the police, you wanted him dead, you made him suffer through emotional and mental abuse every single day, when he did nothing wrong to you!! Told him you would post *even more* private details about him online if he didn't comply with you. There was no option to fight you, you are violently stalking him and actively fucking up his life day after day. Piling more and more truama on him every day until he'd finally crack under the pressure -- kill himself or disappear. That is his job, he works online and on Twitter, he can't just quit -- he's been working online since 2013. He makes tons of money online, it is his career. You did not stop either, you did not stop posting about him 18 monsths straight. And I know you are still talking about him and stalking him cause he gets abused to this very day for because of you, by your fake accounts and flying moneys. You can never undo what you did. You completely DENIED HIS HUMAN RIGHTS -- to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If that isn't bad enough it is a crime against humanity to torture someone, and so is false imprisonment. You held him HOSTAGE, his GF hostage, his Company hostage online! You are more than just the most abusive person in the porn industry too, you are a literal nazi: one who acts like a Nazi and shows brutality.

This was dark, and was a serious crime & tragedy. Getting kicked out isn't the end of the world, or the end of your career at all. It just means someone doesn't want to (or can't) live with you. It was your fault for gaslighting and abusing *his* friends; his GF. Getting kicked out happened in private and with discretion -- he wasn't going to embarrass you by gossiping about it. All you had to do next is post your own content to your own store and get back on your feet. Your Clips4Sale store was already linked to your bank -- not like you told him any of that "private" information about yourself. You also were never homeless you went to your boyfriends house, and he changed the locks to his house that day. Aiden knew you had a place to go and you were already staying there. Don't play victim -- you are the aggressor. Then lying and trying to ruin someone's life by escalating fake drama onto the internet is really fucked up and dark, and actually hurts the woman's rights movement. Quit pretending to be an ally and martyr. There is so much hatred behind that mask. Who's gonna believe you when you've been cry-bullying him publically about it for TWO YEARS. And you're not a good friend, you vocally disown anyone that takes his side -- if you can dare call it that. You gave him no choice. It was a TRAP too, you tried to get a reaction out of him -- that's called "reactive abuse." You called him crazy and psychotic for defending himself. You are THE MOST abusive person is all the porn industry. You are an absolute disgrace to good women everywhere. You are a PARIAH now too! You preemptively sabotaged any chance of an open and honest dialogue on the matter so you could control the narrative about you two separating. You created a truma bond with him so he'd be forced to do what you wanted him to do. You bullied him so you could extort money, property, and power from him, silence him, and torture him more. Your hyper-competitive edge is completely toxic and unhealthy. And you constantly attack and threaten his ego online. You tortured him. You've done serious psychological damage to him. You've stripped him of his pride, freedom, happiness, and inspiration with your malice.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time. We should take a poll because I'm sure that anyone believes you anymore. You used every big of power, information, leverage against him you could until the very last person couldn't support you anymore. Nobody wants to stand up for you. You executed your evil plan to the bitter end -- and now you are running away from everything. Pretending nothing happened. Stopnewalling him and won't give him closure so he can move on. Maybe don't try to ruin people's lives, stalk, harass, slander, defame, accuse, or outright lie all over Twitter (and in person) about abuse and countless other shit online and in-person. Then to keep doubling down on the victim card when he's forced to respond to your horseshit and word salad is just mindblowing. Make no mistake -- you are a malignant narcissist by definition. The social psychologist Erich Fromm first coined the term "malignant narcissism" in 1964, describing it as a "severe mental sickness" representing "the quintessence of evil".

You are no victim -- you choose to be a victim and people enabled your misconduct. You HAD to be the victim for your evil plan to work. "The victim" is your identity, and your excuse for cyberbulling him and stalking him online. What happened to your pride -- do you have no shame or empathy either? Your whole life has become a web of lies you've caught yourself and everyone else up in. Deep down you don't care about the content or you'd actually have tried to contact him. You want to play victim -- say he stole it from you. He says you haven't even contacted him directly. This is about embarrassing him in front of his colleagues. And it's much more sinister -- you're like "how can I break Aiden as a person?" He's your coworker and you abuse him on Twitter for sadistic pleasure and public entertainment because people indulge you and reward you with likes. You try to control people's thoughts about him to damage his ego. You are a *narcissist*. What makes you better than him -- nothing. In fact, he is so much better than you -- he's actually a great guy, stuck in a very bad situation. Let him go! It's not about the content AT ALL, this is about revenge. He kicked you out because you were puppeteering in his life like he's some marionette of yours... sticking your fingers in whatever friendships and intimate relationships were within your reach so you could sabotage them like a psychopath. Then you go online and escalate it there -- FOR TWO YEARS slandering him and abusing him publically. It was a war and a bloodbath, you wanted him dead. You wanted him to kill himself after you destroyed everything in his life, everything he had worked for, and you wanted to rub it in his face and slander his name some more afterwards too. And his girl's name, and his company. You hate him with every fiber of your being -- you are a PSYCHOPATH! Only an evil genius would do sommething like this; an evil mastermind. The lives of everyone you come into contact with is in immediate danger. Treat people the way you want to be treated, it's called "the golden rule." And stop pulling peoples strings. You need to learn your ego ends skin deep and you should not be trying to control others. This issue will not go away because you were/are abusing him and he didn't know what to call it. There's a word for it though -- narcissistic abuse.

By working as a producer in the entertainment industry you are trusted with people's rights to use their name, images, and likeness. TREAD LIGHTLY when you decide to gossip. To use this power maliciously on the public internet to get ahead in life? Why should anyone trust you after those antics -- you're dishonest!

Transferring property is not a time dependant issue; you're codependent. Creating an emergency online is like pulling a fire alarm -- and you're not innocent. People were there to help you in your time of need and you lied to their face. You got the nerve to use malicious and importantly, false information against your now ex-partner to fuck him over and protect YOUR social status and sense of self worth due to your unhealthy ego? I.e. slander, drama and gossip on the internet. Why did you destroy his character online?

He was there for you when you abandoned his studio, after you stole the film equipment and ran off to Vegas. He spent that time developing the new xxxmultimedia.com website and getting back onto his feet. But 3 months later you come crawling back to him with your tail between your legs, just to fuck him over again. He didn't trust you much once you moved back in, nor should he have.

You had your own clip store which you were working on in Vegas and that's where you upload clips to this very day. You're a golddigger. You could have uploaded them to your store at any point. You both share the rights to those videos, and he should be proud of his content yet you shame him. Working on your own clip store HAD to be done if you are to be financially independent. Can you make copies of videos? Yes. Did you make copies of the video files to backup when you were editing them? No. They came across your desk, you could have backed it all up to a hard drive at any point. Do you know how to do that? Probably not.

What EXACTLY did/do you do for that porn company? You claim you did ALL the work -- you took credit for everything all over Twitter, without sharing the spotlight with your co-star/co-producer. But to gaslight and devalue all the hours of work he's devoted his life to for the past 6 years is the epitome of narcissism -- especially when he's got every bit as much screen time as you do on-camera. He should be just as proud of his work as you are -- especially after surviving a breakup with you. Millions of people have watched him star in these videos and you should be grateful you even had a partner to work with at this point. What is your problem? Have some realistic expectations in the future and stop this delusional plan for fame and revenge. It's a process, like a divorce and it takes time. You gotta set up your own stream of income, like you did anyways if you're that codependent on someone else.

What made you think you were in the right to go out and get revenge on him? Let's just take a second to reflect on the fact that this drama started because of the rumors you spread. And your contempt for personal boundaries.

You have his contact information, and knew where he lived. You got your stuff back when you stopped by with the cops. He posted pics of that on his Twitter. You took a powerful editing PC with you which helped get you back on your feet. It had who knows how many videos on it's HDD. Get started -- all the descriptions and promo material are available online to this day. Computer, camera, models, and content. That's what you needed. You shot so many videos with him, and it would have been real straightforward to upload them to your own clip store. His company owns that movie camera you say he stole, and you don't even know how to operate it properly. It was handpicked by Aiden. You're better off with a prosumer-grade camera like the one you bought -- you don't even know the basics like shutter speed, aperture, framerate and bitrate. Let alone the 100's of advanced features of a $2500 camera. That's why it costs so much. You're just trying to cyberbully him to get what you want. You diluted yourself if you think you were the one in control of that company -- or Aiden Valentine as a person. Be humble about your talents.

Have you tried emailing him? No. You're stonewalling and there's no way for him to get ahold of you. You haven't proved you actually tried to fix this gaslit, mindfuck of a situation you manufactured. God forbid you complain about it any further. What exactly was your plan to get "your stuff"? Did you even have a plan? Or was defaming him and his brand to raise money, gaslight his girlfriend and other models your idea of a plan? People got hurt by your horrific behavior and mental unwellness. I don't have any sympathy for you if you can't get ahold of him. And that's what you want, more sympathy. Because you are playing the victim and using other people and their emotions to give you power and put you in the right. You are the instigator of this whole matter, and he kicked you out for a good reason -- to get away from you. He's not even safe AWAY from you.

You're a sadist. You say "I will never stop tweeting about how Aiden is trash & deserves NOTHING in life" just because it is your 1st Amendment right to do so. You're completely breaking the law with slander. I'm pretty sure they want to be left the fuck alone completely. And to finally live in peace. But you'd rather harass, instigate, and blast them on twitter to boost your own ego because you don't care about his feelings anymore. How cruel. You interfere in their lives on a near daily basis. Almost every other day you lie on Twitter to put on a show for the whole world to pretend you're being abused, and then to start a bunch of rumors on top of that. You are so arrogant that you think people wouldn't figure out the truth? Lesson learned, don't trust people who get involved in other people's affairs and gossip -- they could be a narcissist.

I see Aiden being emotionally abused on your own Twitter feed almost every day. I see you gaslighting people with your alternate version of reality and feeding your ego by abusing social media and cultural norms. Then throwing him to the wolves online -- outing him for things he didn't do and creating a public outcry against him. #TeamFuckYouAiden. It seems like you wanted him dead -- you *truly* hate him and it's obvious. You've got some nerve. He had security cameras inside his house to protect him against abuse. Should he be so paranoid around you that he needs to record your conversations too, as evidence for you blatant disregard for the truth and the law? Yes, you're that toxic. He posted proof online that you were talking behind his back. Screenshots.

You could, IDK -- leave people alone, but no. You and others are engaging in this abusive behavior themselves, and ENABLING YOU in stalking and harassing your successful ex-BF, his new girlfriend, and his brand. You lied about a whole fight that never took place, playing out some crazy victim fantasy out of jealousy and pure hatred. You weaponize people, information, disinformation, private conversations & meetings, social media, confusion, shame, guilt, and other real emotions in your attacks too. He's your "narcissistic supply" that you're so desperate to get another hit off of. You actually go around spreading rumors about other coworkers having herpes -- true or not, what do you think that does to people's mental health in this industry? You are a sociopath. Who are you to go around and stigmatize people? You're addicted to power and are abusing it.

You wanna know what actual power is? Speaking out against narcissistic abuse using your own accounts because you don't actually want to have them back. You wanted to shame him to his coworkers and public internet till he caved to the pressure -- "Aiden has been using my name to make sites and clip stores, & I DO NOT have any association with this. He does not have my permission whatsoever, but refuses to take it down."

The law is not on your side because clearly you are *not* the real owner of XXXMultimedia, those clip stores, or any of their websites. Or your own website fififoxx.com ...and what's your plan to get that back? Spoiler alert, there IS no plan to get it back -- you thrive off sympathy and guilt because it doesn't require skills or additional effort. You are in possession of everything you're legally entitled to now -- and I mean legally. I'm not even gonna dignify your word salad below by pedantically correcting what few facts were in it. A heartfelt apology for lying your ass off in ALL the tweets below would be a step in the right direction. Especially since you are the one that brought all this drama onto the internet, and shoveled it down people's throats. But to continue abusing him as long as you could so you can rewrite history was a very dark turn. It should be pointed out you said you were abused in your GoFundMe campaign description to raise money for yourself. You should apologize for your lies and theatrics. They have no merit, they're dishonorable, and deeply offensive. No one forget how "unprofessional" this behavior truly is.

You're never gonna stop and just because most can't witness it, doesn't mean it's not going on behind the scenes. That's why this PSA is necessary. The record needs to be set straight -- and I'm not giving you an inch with this kind of language and slander. This won't go away because you work together in the same online community called The Internet, maybe you've heard of it -- show some respect to your peers. You have the power to make this right to him. He will not bend to the will of a psychopath or continue to be abused by you any longer. He's not gonna just disappear off the face of the Earth either now is he Fifi? HE HAS A LIFE. Do the professional thing. Check your ego, and remember he's got an ego too. You tore him down in front of everyone and hurt his feelings.

He doesn't need that kind of drama in his life, but you are forcing it on him. You are a predator, and he is your prey. This is abuse and AGGRAVATED STALKING and how dare you act like a victim.

The last thing he wants to do is mention your name to anyone and have to relieve this trauma. Or put out the fires you keep setting in the workplace. You're going to continue smearing his name to control the narrative and manipulate people. We get it "you weren't fired, you quit," but this has gone too far. To use his identity while you hide behind a mask is heartless, how dare you. He has a real identity and career too, think about someone other than yourself. You completely dehumanized and humiliated him online for personal gain. He's smart, successful, and has power he's not afraid to use. He's not gonna put up with your full-on smear campaign. He's gonna call you the fuck out -- you should be deplatformed for your gross abuse of power. You're jealous, that's the underlying truth and root cause here. You do whatever you can to discredit and destroy him; no lie is too big or bad for you. Let this serve as a memorial to honor this battle for truth and justice, and set the bar for dealing with malignant narcissists. Since you wanna go around labelling people, you should be the one to apologize to him and cleanup your mess.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 May 2018
I want everyone to know that I will no longer be working with XXXmultimedia
and/or Aiden Valentine.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 May 2018
I will be sharing my experience with XXXMultimedia and Aiden when given the
chance. Things are chaotic at the moment.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 May 2018
Never ever deal with someone who is mentally or physically abusive towards you.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 May 2018
Just wondering what type of pansy man threatens to beat up or hurt a girl? This
one's for you, Aiden.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 22 Jun 2018
It's been pointed out to me that while Aiden has refused to pay me for my 90/hrs
a week work, he's trying to find someone else to scam into editing MY CONTENT.
Please do not participate in this! It is my content and I do not approve of it

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Jun 2018
After Aiden forced me out of my house, he changed my room into an office, and
is offering to pay people MY MONEY to edit MY CONTENT. What kind of piece of
shit person does that? Give me what I'm owed and quit trying to get people
involved in shady business.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Jun 2018
After 4 yrs of work, I'm being forced to start from scratch. Aiden's refused to give
me my content & money, my equipment, forced me out of my own home, stolen
my birth certificate & laptop, & physically hurt & threatened me. I won't be silent
about the abuse I've endured.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Jun 2018
It's rather upsetting to see a business partner that I had for so long make up
rumors and lies for some sort of sympathy or reason for why he's treated me so
horribly. I have never in my life experience anything as inhumane as the way
Aiden has treated me.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 28 Jun 2018
I was just told by a client that "someone" has been emailing him & threatening to
tell his family about him "flirting" w/ porn models if he continues to support me.
This has gone TOO far - that is NOT how you treat clients! Stalking? Real low.
Obviously the client knows who it is.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 30 Jun 2018
Here's a gofundme I've started that explains everything going on. The physical &
mental abuse, being thrown out onto the street, being denied money & my
content, harassed & stalked, & left with nothing but my dog. Please RT, read, &
donate if you like.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 1 Jul 2018
Staying positive despite everything going on. If anyone is interested in helping
out or reading about my current situation, please check out my GoFundMe on my
Twitter page!

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 2 Jul 2018
I'm happy I don't have to be afraid anymore, that I can speak out against the
physical & mental abuse. Even when things seem normal, there's so much more
going on that people can't see. Please take the time to read, RT, & even donate if
you'd like to help:

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 3 Jul 2018
I was a victim of physical & mental abuse, of harassment, stalking...& I want to
share my story. I've lost everything, & have been forced to start over. Please RT &
read my gofundme - if you'd like to donate to me & my sweet pup, we'd be
forever grateful.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 11 Jul 2018
Another day that I'm free from the abuse. I remember being in a good mood
some days, saying good morning to my business partner, and his response would
be "Fuck off, you stupid bitch." Sweet freedom. Beyond grateful.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 Jul 2018
Another day away from the abuse! It feels so nice to be away from someone who
stole all my money while I did all the work, hit me, and insulted me daily. It's
taking a while to rebuild, but I'll get there. Check this out if you have the time -
Starting over from Scratch
Hi there! As some of you may know already, my name is Fifi. Up until
recently, I was working with a studio, which I will not name here, for over 4 ...

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Aug 2018
I'm excited to start shooting with new models. It feels great to erase all the
negativity I've dealt with in the past. I won't be associated with people who
support abusive behavior - no exceptions, no excuses. New beginnings.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 15 Aug 2018
I've been getting some really supportive emails from fans, models, & producers,
& I couldn't be more grateful. These past months have been a lot of work, and it's
nice to know that I have people making sure I'm okay. I hope, in time, that we can
get rid of abuse in the industry.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 17 Aug 2018
Replying to @Fifi_Foxx @BaileyXPaige and 3 others
I'll warn you guys. This girl has NOTHING to do. She just lives off the money I
made for Aiden. She'll tweet all day long. That's the only reason she's around, he
told her he was a big time producer, LOL.

Akira (Bathtub Baby) @AkiraShell · 17 Aug 2018
Replying to @Fifi_Foxx @BaileyXPaige @Ayla_Aysel_Xo
It's way too clear- the paper trail of evidence that has built up even as someone
watching from the outside- @Aiden_Valentine has acted beyond unprofessional
and inappropriately. Fifi has been nothing but a passionately hard worker, led
down a very rough path. We support you

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 20 Aug 2018
It's always nice to dispose of fake, disgusting, horrible people, and surround
yourself with more positive, happy, and supportive influences. I've been doing
that a lot lately, and I feel a million times better. #nomoreabuse

*FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 21 Aug 2018
Saw a post today with a quote I really liked, one that fits my current situation
perfectly: "Sometimes people will be mad at you because you are not a lying ass
motherfucker like they are." #nomoreabuse

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Aug 2018
ATTENTION! Studio @XXXMultimedia, who is now @Aiden_Valentine &his gf have
went as far as to reveal my real name. Not only have I been stalked, harrassed, &
lied about...I've been doxxed. Here is a screenshot with my name blurred as well
as her Twitter handle for protection. RT!:

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Aug 2018
ANYONE that has shot w/ @XXXMultimedia @Aiden_Valentine could be doxxed.
My real name, along w/ my stage, was just revealed by his g/f for the simple fact
of not liking me. This is unprofessional, incredibly UNSAFE, & I won't stand to see
it happen to anyone else. Please RT!:

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 24 Aug 2018
I am getting messages from fellow models & fans telling me that
@XXXMultimedia @Aiden_Valentine 's gf and "partner" is advocating that I be
raped. What kind of sick, disgusting person says something like that?

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 25 Aug 2018
I finally spoke up and set myself free. No more control, no more abuse. I will stay
above the lies, the insanity, the threats. I'm an honest and hardworking girl - I
know people can see that.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Aug 2018
The stalking & harassment haven't stopped. In this industry, it is NOT okay to dox
someone no matter how much you despise them. My personal info has been
leaked by Aiden Valentine & his g/f. This is immature, unsafe, disgusting, &
insane. We are supposed to keep each other safe.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Aug 2018
I will not let scum people like Aiden Valentine & his g/f "biz-partner" seep
through the industry. You don't dox people, underpay them, act unprofessional,
push models past their limits, or try to fuck them off camera. That behavior is

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 30 Aug 2018
She should be ashamed of herself. I've never heard ANYONE speak words like
that before - it's so vile & disgusting. I told everyone the truth about what Aiden
did to me, what he kept trying to hide over the years, and she didn't like it.* People
are who they are. Unprofessional.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 3 Sep 2018
I'm disgusted by Aiden Valentine & his gf's behavior. It's one thing to stalk &
doxx me, but to attack an entire industry & call beautiful, dedicated, hard-working
girls "sluts" is shameful. It is unprofessional & disgusting. Get the fuck out of the
industry with that mindset.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 4 Sep 2018
Well, this is getting more & more ridiculous. Thanks Aiden for giving your gf my
phone number so she could post it publicly. "Your" company is garbage now. My
real name & phone number? Get a life, losers. I hope you guys get blacklisted
soon enough - you can't endanger others.*

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Sep 2018
I was just told that Aiden's g/f said the porn community is fucked up, we're all
liars, backstabbers, & conniving, & that she's going to write a book when she
leaves & out everyone. I'm assuming she has his records. I've been trying to warn
everyone about them. It's not safe.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 11 Sep 2018
The harassment & stalking is still going on, I've just tried to ignore it. Aiden & his
g/f have crossed lines they never should have, & now other girls are getting
insulted as well. This is beyond unprofessional, unclassy, & pathetic. Behavior like
that is childish and immature.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 13 Sep 2018
I can understand why others stay silent - they are afraid to lose money, etc. Over
the last few months, I've done my best to communicate the abuse I've endured.
Some of it is heard, some of it is ignored - I will do my best to get word out & to
protect others as much as I can. twitter.com/BillyVisualXXX…

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 13 Sep 2018
Unfortunately, some of the friends I thought I had in Florida are not friends at all.
So, if I'm not communicating with you, there's a reason. I'd never sit back &
watch my friends go through abuse, or being homeless, jobless - in words that
are not so classy, you can fuck off.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 19 Sep 2018
I'm not one for drama, but let me tell you, the things I've been put through the
last few years are sickening. I will never stop tweeting about how Aiden is trash &
deserves NOTHING in life. I won't silence myself anymore b/c of physical threats -
fuck that disgusting behavior.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 20 Sep 2018
Also why I won't talk, associate, shoot, or book anyone who has ANYTHING to do
with him. I don't care what the reason is. Stop enabling ABUSIVE, unprofessional

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 21 Sep 2018
For my so called "friends." I've started completely over - no shooting, talking,
booking, or even looking at someone who has had any association with Aiden the
last few months. Stop rewarding psychotic, sick behavior towards models,
especially when you KNOW what he's been doing.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 22 Sep 2018
I just finished editing three more videos w/ gorgeous models. This is just a daily
reminder to Aiden that he can go fuck himself.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 26 Sep 2018
Thankful every day that I don't endure that physical or mental abuse anymore.
Not being allowed to buy myself food when I make all the money, or being
allowed to go anywhere. Some people are psychotic, abusive, control freaks.
Karma gets you one way or another.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 30 Sep 2018
You can't dox multiple performers & clients, then proceed to act unprofessional
on set, and then underpay models...AND THEN act like everything is okay. That's
not how this works, Aiden. Go kindly fuck yourself, and keep your unprofessional,
psychotic self to your g/f.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 3 Oct 2018
Just a reminder to Aiden & his g/f that doxxing is NOT okay. Please quit using my
real name on a daily basis. And YES, they have been doxxing other models that
have shot with him in the past. This behavior is not okay, and we should not
reward it by keeping it in the industry.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 4 Oct 2018
There are SEVERAL crimes he's committed. None of this being exaggerated
whatsoever. We're talking about stealing content, REFUSING to give me my
money for years, physical abuse, kicking me out of my own home, stealing my
birth certificate, laptop, camera, clothes...dude is weird.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Oct 2018
Someone who doxxes performers & producers is not mentally stable or safe. You
have to keep your distance. Multiple FEMALE & MALE models have had their info
leaked. I hope this would be enough for a red flag or to be blacklisted. Once
again, that behavior HAS to go for our safety.

If people stop working with him, there is hope. His abusive, unprofessional
FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Oct 2018
Someone who doxxes performers & producers is not mentally stable or safe. You
have to keep your distance. Multiple FEMALE & MALE models have had their info
leaked. I hope this would be enough for a red flag or to be blacklisted. Once
again, that behavior HAS to go for our safety.

If people stop working with him, there is hope. His abusive, unprofessional behavior shouldn't be tolerated to begin with. twitter.com/IRLfan69/statu…

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 5 Oct 2018
Models, PLEASE consider your working relationship w/ Aiden and his g/f. [...]

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 7 Oct 2018
Just wanted to gives a heads up to ANYONE who has shot with Aiden recently,
since I've been gone, your first names have been leaked along w/ terrible,
disgusting insults. I keep trying to warn people. Please don't associate w/ that
type of behavior. It's not worth it.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 17 Oct 2018
Once again, I don't want any association w/ anyone connected to Aiden. So, don't
come to me looking for work. I want nothing to do w/ ANYONE supporting
abusive, unprofessional behavior where models are getting their personal
information leaked as well as getting insulted.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 19 Oct 2018
I remember countless talks w/ Aiden about his unprofessionalism. I had found out
he was messaging models on facebook, then trying to fuck them off camera. [...] Abusive behavior needs to stop.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 22 Oct 2018
We've been broken up for far longer than a year, LOL. It has nothing to do with
being an ex - that title itself makes me cringe. It's him stealing my content,
equipment, & money, and then pretending like he did ANY work for the past 5
years when everyone knows he's lying.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 22 Oct 2018
I will not enable an abuser, & I will not allow myself to be associated w/ those
who are okay w/ this type of behavior. I don't tolerate unprofessionalism in any
manner. Underpaying models, starting shoots late, trying to fuck ladies off
camera, doxxing personal information - NO.

I'm gonna say it again because, unfortunately, people are not getting it. I
want NO ASSOCIATION w/ ANYONE (even so called "friends") who had ANY
connection to Aiden after I left. If you talked or worked w/ him, do not come
to me looking for work. I will not talk to you.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 23 Oct 2018
Agreed! 100% abusive, psychotic, abusive, unprofessional piece of shit who needs
to quit insulting & doxxing models and harassing me.

Michael @Michael15299 · 24 Oct 2018
Replying to @MacyMarxxx
If you can ever make it to Florida, you and @Fifi_Foxx should get together. She's
very open about the abuse she suffered and vocal about wanting to bring about
change in the industry.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 25 Oct 2018
Thankfully, there's only been a handful of models I've stopped talking to or
shooting w/ because they worked with Aiden. Unfortunately, it's one or the other
for me. If you wanna work with a psychotic, unprofessional thief who underpays,
that's on you - I won't book you.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 27 Oct 2018
I've been away from Aiden's mental & physical abuse for 5 months now. After my
content, equipment, & money was stolen, I started from nothing. I'm happy to
share my experience w/ others to protect them. Don't tolerate someone who is
unprofessional or abusive - it's not safe.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Oct 2018
I'm happy to tell ANYONE ANYTHING about my experience w/ Aiden. I'm an
honest, hardworking person who was physically & mentally abused daily. My
work from the past 5 years was stolen, along w/ equipment & money. I've talked
to others who've dealt w/ his unprofessionalism as well.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Oct 2018
(1 of 2) I read a tweet Aiden made claiming I ruined a "date" w/ a model once.
Not only does this have nothing to do w/ anything, let's just this model didn't
consider it a date, & had come over thinking I was there so she could hang out.
He tried to fuck her, it didn't work.

NOTE: He'll flirt with whoever he wants to flirt with, stop shaming him for expressing himself -- how dare you get involved in the first place. You're a control freak and this is abusive behavior. Aiden messaged her on Facebook to hangout. You weren't even supposed to be at the house at all. They were supposed to go the movies together but stayed home to watch TV. When you came home and saw them hanging out together you flipped out, crying and screaming at them both. Making a huge scene -- completely humiliating and shaming both of them in person. You Kool-aid manned yourself into the situation. This is emotional abuse and you are the aggressor. Then to bring this onto the internet to humiliate him as part of your smear campaign is gaslighting. It's the same exact reason why he kicked you out, you're abusive and controlling.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 29 Oct 2018
(2 or 2) I told him it was beyond unprofessional. The model discussed what had
happened& the next day, Aiden told me he would have me killed. Like I said, I
don't tolerate unprofessionalism from anyone, even when it's from my so called
business partner. Fuck that behavior.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 31 Oct 2018
Yeah, she's Aiden's girlfriend. The both of them are bad news & dangerous.
Constant harassment & doxxing.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 31 Oct 2018
Aiden's insane g/f - the one I was warning everyone about. The both of them are
trouble - physically & mentally abusive. Too much drama - not worth the money
& risking your safety. Aiden & his girl have been harassing me for 5 months now
for speaking out against the abuse.

Beware of ***** *****. I guess she saw I did a scene with her boyfriend,
so she stalked my tweets and talked shit. I let the rumors slide til she made a
fake account to harass me, insult mty body, etc. Right now she's @
*********** She's on my blacklist now. :)

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 1 Nov 2018
She really needs to get a job instead of trying to live off of Aiden who is trying to
live off of me, lmao.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 1 Nov 2018
Replying to @jordantylerxxx @TheSportsHayes
lmao she's bonkers as all hell but she also knows Aiden is a piece of shit

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 2 Nov 2018
Retweeting so others can join in. As you guys know already, yes, I had dealt with
physical & mental abuse on a daily basis from Aiden.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 2 Nov 2018
bitch boy's name is Aiden Valentine (XXXMultimedia)

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 2 Nov 2018
LMAO, I was fired? Is that what he saying? From my own company where I did all
the work? Yeah, sounds about right. Aiden can't fire me. He kicked me out of my
own house, stole my content & equipment, & destroyed my clothes. He's a thief.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 7 Nov 2018
Amen. Now I work by myself for myself. I was told every day I was useless,
replaceable, and stupid. Today I'm rebuilding, doing well, and getting my dick
ready to shove in Aiden's mouth.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 12 Nov 2018
Bullying isn't going to keep me quiet anymore, Aiden. You and your girlfriend can
keep harassing me and other models, but it's not going to stop me from telling
people what you've done.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 13 Nov 2018
Can we all wear t-shirts if I get them made with that hashtag? LOL

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 14 Nov 2018
Hey Aiden, just a friendly reminder that you stole my content and you don't have
my permission to use it. Also, stop asking models to "spend the night with you."
And another thing, stop doxxing & harassing models. K thx.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 16 Nov 2018
When I say something, I mean it. Once again, I will not put myself in a dangerous
situation by talking to those associated w/ Aiden. Do not contact me for bookings
or to help you get work. I won't deal w/ people that are okay with his psychotic,
manipulative, & abusive behavior.

NOTE: Why are you so paranoid you gotta threaten and manipulate other people?

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 17 Nov 2018
You know, although my $2500 camera got stolen (by Aiden) & I had to replace it
with a handycam, I'm still really proud of my work. I think it looks great!

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 19 Nov 2018
I was a slave to a very abusive, binged out person (Aiden) who would verbally
abuse me & threaten to hurt me. If I wasn't on the computer editing, I was getting
harassed to no end. To wake up & be free of that...it's a completely different
world that I'm forever grateful for.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 20 Nov 2018
I'm laughing so hard because Aiden Valentine opened a NEW studio with the
SAME, OLD CONTENT that I had edited years ago. He's trying to cheat the system
by releasing the videos TWICE under a different studio. You really don't want to
do ANY work, do you? YOU FUCKING THIEF.

NOTE: You are stalking him. He's trying to hide from you. Leave him alone and quit controlling his life.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 3 Dec 2018
My abuse from Aiden has been the worst thing I've ever experienced. I will not
hesitate to share my experience to help others stay away from such an
unprofessional, physically & mentally person who has stolen my work from the
past 5 years & refused to give me a penny of my money.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 4 Dec 2018
His g/f has also gone through models' bags &
purses while they were shooting. Disgusting.

My abuse from Aiden has been the worst thing I've ever experienced. I will
not hesitate to share my experience to help others stay away from such an
unprofessional, physically & mentally person who has stolen my work from
the past 5 years & refused to give me a penny of my money.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 4 Dec 2018
I'm not the type of person who engages in drama, but when I feel someone is a
threat or someone is dangerous, I WILL talk.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · 10 Dec 2018
Don't know how many times I have to say it, but a friend of my past abuser,
Aiden, is not a friend of mine. I don't give a shit if it's work related or not - see ya.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 6, 2019
Just want models to know that they can talk to me about anything. Don't let bad
people or situations ruin this industry for you. I've been through years of physical
& mental abuse from my ex-biz partner that I'm now speaking out against & it
feels amazing to be free of it.

NOTE: People SHOULD NOT trust you with personal information about themselves or others. Quit baiting people online.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 11, 2019
There's really nothing more upsetting than going through years of physical &
mental abuse, & then having to helplessly watch that same person steal 5 years
worth of your work & money.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 17, 2019
Like I said, I'm not messing with anyone who is associated with Aiden. We are
talking about someone who physically & mentally abused me for 5 years, then
proceeded to kick me out of my own house, & steal ALL my content, money, &
equipment. A friend of his is NOT a friend of mine.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 18, 2019
Replying to @clowniegiggles
I was doxxed daily for several months, threatened, abused, stalked...I'm not okay
with that type of behavior in the industry, whether it comes from him or someone
else. I will protect my models at all costs. Also DM'd - we can discuss elsewhere.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 18, 2019
Aiden, if you're going to say something, can it at least be something honest for
once? I'd be happy to talk about you on a more personal level if you'd like, but I'd
really rather not. Please stop stalking & harassing me. Get some help. Do some
work. Burn some more of my money.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Jan 21, 2019
When you release my real name along with my stage name on multiple platforms,
you're purposely putting me in harm's way. This makes you a dangerous person,
Aiden. You & your g/f are putting me in danger & you're well-aware of it.

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Feb 4, 2019
Hey Aiden, this one's for you. Having you & your girlfriend post my real name
along w/ my stage name every day for months. That type of unprofessional
behavior should be BLACKLISTED. Oh, and of course, making fake profiles to
harass models on & trying to sleep w/ them

FiFi Foxx @Fifi_Foxx · Feb 19, 2019
Let that be a lesson to you, Aiden, or any other controlling, psychotic fucks. You
can take everything away from me - my home, clothes, equipment, money,
confidence - but I'll ALWAYS bring myself back up.

@Fifi_Foxx · Feb 23, 2019
Aiden, you're just a really horrible person. The things you've made up to get attention, to save yourself, to make yourself look like a victim - it's completely disgusting. I can honestly say I'm proud of standing up for myself. I don't care how much you lie, I won't back down.

@Fifi_Foxx · Feb 24, 2019
Aiden, my issues with you are not on a "personal" level. They are how I was treated during shoots, while I was editing, how I wasn't paid, how I wasn't allowed to get a meal for myself. My money, content, belongs, birth certificate, house - all of that was stolen. You know this.

@Fifi_Foxx · Feb 24, 2019
But, if you want to go back 6 years ago before this started, I'd be happy to share some really personal information. If you're only defense is to attack me on a personal level, then it's pathetic. Man up & admit your wrong-doings. And yes, I know about things from the past year.

@Fifi_Foxx · Feb 24, 2019
It's been pretty obvious that I haven't shared any personal information about you because it is completely irrelevant to the conversation. You do this thing where you snag something from 6 years ago to try & make someone look like an asshole. People change for the better.

@Fifi_Foxx · Mar 20, 2019
I was quiet for 5 years while I was abused. I'll never be silenced again. Raised fist

@Fifi_Foxx · Mar 22, 2019
Everyday I wake up, I'm thankful that I'm in a safe spot. I can finally sleep at night knowing me & dog won't be hurt. I've been free from my abuser for almost a year & I couldn't be happier. Folded handsTwo hearts

@Fifi_Foxx · Mar 29, 2019
Just a heads up that I do NOT have a membership site at this moment. Aiden Valentine aka XXXMultimedia has been using my name to make sites and clip stores, & I DO NOT have any association with this. He does not have my permission whatsoever, but refuses to take it down.

@Fifi_Foxx · Apr 1, 2019
The abuse I went through for 5 years with Aiden (AKA **********) was one of the worst things I've ever endured. Because of that, I want NO association w/ anyone who has shot with him or TALKED to him. I will NOT book anyone who works or talks with this abuser.

Apr 2, 2019
Thank you for saying this - this is exactly how I feel about the situation! Along w/ the abusive behavior, the unprofessionalism alone is something that shouldn't be tolerated. Working with him only validates that unprofessional, abusive behavior is okay. My damage is NOT okay. https://t.co/dVsCbmp1RZ

@Fifi_Foxx · Apr 7, 2019
I can't even exaggerate what I went through...the abuse, control, doxxing, & theft. I've confided in "friends" over the years, but god, was I mistaken to have done so. A huge thank you to those loyal folks who are fighting against this unprofessional, disgusting behavior w/ me.

@Fifi_Foxx · May 2, 2019
Just woke from a nap because of a nightmare that Aiden was trying to kill me. Sounds about right since he was always threatening to have me killed. Stay safe, ladies.

@Fifi_Foxx · May 24, 2019
Replying to 
Unfortunately I don't have any recorded videos of him threatening to kill me or hurt me, so not much I can do. Any time I tried to take a video, he'd force the phone out of my hand. He's a little bitch.

@Fifi_Foxx · May 22, 2019
Just the thought of seeing Aiden at Fetish Con gives me great anxiety & makes me want to throw up. The mental and physical abuse I went through, unfortunately, will never leave my head...

@Fifi_Foxx · May 23, 2019
Just saying...if I was the person who stole 
 's watch, I'd probably give it back to her & apologize...y'know, so you don't get blacklisted. Just a thought. Wouldn't want to end up being an Aiden - cough, cough... A KNOWN THIEF. Wristwatch

@Fifi_Foxx · Jun 5, 2019
This month marks 1 year since I started rebuilding. EVERYTHING was stolen from me. I was physically & mentally abused for years, I received numerous death threats. I was told I was useless, ugly & idiotic, that I'd never survive without him. Here's to YEAR 1 of proving him wrong.

@Fifi_Foxx · Jul 26, 2019
As sad as it was, yesterday was one of the few days where I started to feel like myself again. For 5 years, I was forced to stay inside the house all day & all night to make money so someone else could use it. Abuse is no joke, & I will not allow others to pretend it's okay.